Advance Technique of Prediction-II

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Author: M.N.Kedar

Publisher: Bharatiya Prachya Evam Sanatan Vigyan Sansthan (Edition: 2014)

Language: English

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Count: 472 pages

Текущее состояние: В процессе приобретения и сканирования.

1. Hamari Dharohar-Alma Ram Phondarii 'Kamal';
2. Aadyakshree Smt. Rajeswaree Raman Shri Banglore valnketramanji Kee Jay -Alma Ram Phondani 'Kamal';
3. Horoscope of Dr.B.v.Raman Bhishma Pitahmaha of Astrology;
4. Dr.B.V.Raman-Personal View of Shri KN Rao (Published in various books and Journals);
5. Dr.Raman's Advice For Budding Astrologers-Collected by Justice S.N.Kapoor;
6. Dr.B.V.Raman, A Great Soul - Dr.Lalita Gupta (M.B.B.S.);
7. Passing of a Titan - N.P.Thareja;
8. Varahmihir of Modern Astrology - Dr.Raman - Late Pt.Atma Ram Phondni 'Kamal';
9. In Memory of Dr.B.V.Raman - Smt.Kumum Vashistha;
10. Doyen of Astrology - V.P.Jain M.A.(Maths and Astronomy);
11. Ayurdaya of Dr.B.V.Raman - K.Rangachari Jotish Visharad, Jyotisha Kand, Jyotish Vachaspati;
12. Judgement of Span of Life - Dr.B.V.Raman - Dr.S.C.Kursija (M.A, D.H.S, N.D. Jyotish Visharad, (lCAS Chennai) Jyotisha Kovida;
13. Timing of Conception-Some Rules - Urmil Jain (Jyotish Visharad);
14. Native Will Possess Children or Not - M.N.Kedar;
15. Progeny: Some Astro-canons - Dr.Suresh C.Mishra;
16. Fifth House - Happiness from Children - Gopal Krishna Goyal (Engineer);
17. Whether Progeny? How Many? - Mahendra Nath Kedarl
18. Issuelessnes - Shri Kishore, Smt.Manju Sharma, R.K.Rathore, Sewa Ram Jaipuria, Bhori Lal Kala, B.K Jain;
19. Palmistry - The Science and Art of Hand Reading Palm Shows The Progeny - N.P.Thareja;
20. Progeny - Sh.Arvind Jhalani;
21. Mentally Retarted and Spastic Children - Dr.R.K.Varshneya (M.A, B.Sc., L.L.B., D.H.M.S., D.L.L., D.C.L., Jyotish Visharad);
22. Abnormal Children. Why? - Smt.ShashiKopurand SatyeniJra Aggarwal of Faridabad;
23. Have Sex of Child of Your Own Choice - Dr.S.C.Kursija (M.A, D.H.S, (Dil), N.D. Jyotish Visharad (I.C.AS.), Jyotisha Kovida);
24. Education and Business - Kusum Vashisht;
25. Guidance for 10th passed Students (Teachers Profession) - Sh.Satish Sharma;
26. Yogas for Banking - Dinesh Kumar Singhal;
27. Chartered Accountants - Kumari Renuka;
28. ObstructionILoss in profession or Business - M.N.Kedar;
29. Guidance For Education - M.N.Kedar;
30. Guidance to 10th Pass Students;
31. Role of Astrology in Selection of Education and Profession - M.N.Kedar;
32. Exalted, Debilitated and Retrogration Planets - Km.Archna Shastri (BA, MBA);
33. Predicting the effects of Exalted, Debilitated and Rotrograte Planets - By Prof.Sukdev Chaturvedi;
34. Planet Mutual aspects of exalted planets - Seuia Ram Jaipuria (Jyotish Vishard. Dec. 1997);
35. Retrograde planets and their results - Sh. Bhori Lal Kala (Jyotish Visharad);
36. Retrograde Planet if Debilitated - Kusum Vashishta Jyotish Visharad, (Jyotish Kovid, Jyotish Vachalpati);
37. Relativily of past birth' Shaap and childlessness (Reasons and Remedies) - Collection By Bhori Lal Kala and Sewa Ram Jaipuria;
38. No Progeny Due to Shaap of Past Birth - Paras Ram Vashistha, (Chairman, Faridabad Chapter, ICAS) Jyotish Yisharad and Jyotisha Kovid;
39. Effects of Exalted / Debilitated Planets and Retrograde - M.N.Kedar.

Comment: Introduction: On the death of Dr.B.V.Raman, I talked to my friends (faculty members and students of (C.A.S.) and requested that we should do something to present the departed soul, and put my views before them: Dr.Raman dedicated his whole life for the cause of Astrology and has placed it at a respectable stage in universe. Today whole world knowns and realises the usefulness of Astrology. We should also do some research on the topics posing problems before the parents, students of Astrology and general masses. They all agreed and gave their names with a promise to sincerly and regularly work with me at a place decided by we all. Dr.Varshnay R.K. talked to his brother-in-law who was in managing committee of R.W.A. and temple committee of Swasthya Vihar. He in turned had discussion with his committee members and they provided us space in Temple. The research fellows attended the gathering daily in evening, coming far off places like Faridabad, Gaziabad etc. continuously for two months. When our research was completed, we performed a VISHNU SHASTRA NAAM Yaga in the temple. On 20th January, 1999, a seminar cum workshop was organised, the Souvenier containing all articles was released in the memory of Dr. B.V. Raman. This Edition: After 15 years or say half round of Saturn (who was in Aries and now in Libra), Jupiter was in Pices (Meena) and now exalted in Cancer, I received many requests for the copy of the research containing. Souvenier, but all two thousands copies exhausted. Due to this great demand, and also the research work is very useful for astrology students, readers etc. should not go waste and should be available to them and the contributors may also get some appreciation for their sincere and hardwork. One great achievement of the research on progeny is: prepare D/1, D/9, D/3 charts, without considering the positions of planets, one can predict whether the native would have son or not. In 80 to 95% cases the result is positive. This formula can be known after giving a serious reading of the research articles on hapiness from children and also one can tell the number of children. May not be successful in telling sex of the child. Native can get (i) Time for conception (ii) Sex of child (iii) healthy, neatly and intelligent child etc. I stop here discussing all features, the readers are free to read and enjoy and requested to send their views in writing for our future guidance.

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