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Facts of Indian Astronomy (A Collection of Articles of Prof. K.V. Sarma)

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Author: Siniruddha Das

Publisher: Rashtriya Sanskrit University Tirupati (Edition: 2009)

Language: English

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Count: 505 pages A4

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Prof.K.V.Sarma (Bio-data);
1. A survey of source materials;
2. Indian astronomy in the vedic age;
3. Vedanga - jyotisa: a critical study;
4. Word and alphabetic numerical systems in India;
5. Aryabhata: his name, time and provenance;
6. Aryabhata and aryabhatan astronomy;
7. Devacarya;
8. The pancasiddhantika of varahamihira;
9. Acaryavarahamihira - tasya vaisistyam;
10. Sciences of ancient India and sanskrit;
11. Revision of yuga and yuga constants;
12. The saka era of varahamihira-salivahanasaka;
13. The Untenability of the postulated saka of 550 B.C.;
14. Kollam era;
15. Astronomy and mathematics in medieval India;
16. Kerala literature on jyotisa;
17. Corrections in Indian astronomy;
18. Date of Madhava- a little known Indian astronomer;
19. The grahanastaka of paramesvara;
20. Nilakantha somayaji (1444-1545 A.D.);
21. Jyotirmimasa of nilakantha somayaji;
22. Ganita -yuktibhasa of jyesthadeva;
23. The devalayacandrika;
24. Scientific spirit reflected in Indian astronomy;
25. Sawai Jai Singh and his contribution to Indian astronomy;
26. Scientific texts in Sanskrit in aid of modern science;
27. Research in Indian mathematics and astronomy;
28. Scientific basis of Indian astrology;
29. Direct lines of astronomical tradition in kerala;
30. The meaning of time in ancient India;
31. Abbreviation;

Comment: This book on Jyotisa Sastra deals with the subject matter of Indian Astronomy and Mathematics. It throws light on the systematic study on the life span of a man. This book has highlighted, explained, discussed and commented upon the various texts and commentaries right from Aryabhatlya. It is a key to the hidden treasure of scientific know ledge of time and space. The present book will make a reader spell-bound with the knowledge on the contributions and achievements of our ancient sages, which are yet to be understood thoroughly. It is unique in the sense that, it provides the basic methods of calculations as prevalent in ancient India, a glimpse of the history of development of Indian Astronomy and Mathematics, the textual tradition in Astronomy and Astrology and many other related topics. It is appended with an updated bibliography to refresh the scholars with first-hand knowledge in Indian Astronomy and Astrology. This book is a testimony on the serious scholarship of Prof. K.V. Sarma, whose observations, analysis and interpretation of the Jyotisa Sastra are generally accepted by the scholars.

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