English Panchanga for New Year Jaya 2014-2015

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Author: Compiled by Yagnavalkya

Publisher: The Astrological eMagazine (Edition: 2014)

Language: English

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Count: 140 pages

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1. From the Desk of the Editor;
2. About The Astrologal eMagazine Panchang for the Year Jaya (2014-2015);
3. About The New Year Jaya;
4. Five Constituents of Panchanga;
5. Useful Hints For The Selection of Muhurthas;
6. The Panchanga For The Year Jaya 2014-2015;
7. April 2014;
8. May 2014;
9. June 2014;
10. July 2014;
11. August 2014;
12. September 2014;
13. October 2014;
14. November 2014;
15. December 2014;
16. January 2015;
17. February 2015;
18. March 2015;
19. Vara Tara Yogas Table;
20. Dasa Bhukti Tables;
21. Rahukala and Ayanas;
22. Some Auspicious days for the Year Jaya;
23. Movement of Lagnas for the Central Station of India;
24. Correction Table for the Beginning of Lagnas for Various Places in India;
25. Explanatory notes to use the Tables;
26. Norms to be followed for Specific Muhurthas.

Comment: This is a unique user friendly almanac - Panchanga - in English. Time adopted is IST that is applicable for the whole of India. The Panchanga can be adopted for any place in the world by applying the appropriate time and date corrections for the different time zones. An almanac for the senior citizen, the housewife, the younger generation and the corporate world for selecting the best day for any of their activities. Norms to be followed for specific Muhurthas - Making the sacred mangalya, marriages, christening a child, annaprasana, cradling, ear boring, learning the first alpahabets and many such activities covering all the three generations.

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