How to Make Money Using Astrology

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Author: Joni Patry

Publisher: Saptarishi Publications

Language: English

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Count: 153 pages

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Chapter 1. Astrology and Money;
Chapter 2. Basics of Vedic Astrology "A Crash Course in Astrology”;
Chapter 3. How to Predict World Events with Astrology;
Chapter 4. Global Planetary Cycles;
Chapter 5. Past Astrological Timelines Reveal the Future;
Chapter 6. Is there Money in my Chart? "Billionaire’s Charts”;
Chapter 7. How to Determine Career or Life Purpose;
Chapter 8. How to Use Astrology for the Stock Market;
Chapter 9. How to Predict a Sudden Rise in Life "Lottery Winners”;
Chapter 10. How to Find the Most Auspicious Hours: Planetary Hours;
Chapter 11. Best Times for Luck and Success "Aligning with Positive Energy”;
Chapter 12. Predicting Your Future "Transiting Jupiter, Saturn and Rahu/Ketu”;

Comment: This book enables everyone to use the power of cycles pertaining to the planets for personal financial gain. In a search to alleviate the massive problems humanity has concerning financial lack Joni focused on the issues of money and astrology. Through self analysis she found the many deep rooted emotional issues we use to imprison ourselves. It is actually our relationship with money that reveals our own self worth. We innately believe money is bad and poverty buys us a ticket to heaven. All these deep seated beliefs are instilled in us at a very early age. But by understanding that money is energy we can shift our mindset from poverty to prosperity. Cycles of the Planets have influenced the cycles of our social climate and financial trends. These cycles are the natural trends that create balance. With knowledge of the future trends you can make your plans accordingly with the advantage of this powerful edge. You can use astrology to understand these cycles and use them for YOUR best timing to achieve your goals. All the information gleaned from analyzing wealth through the planetary cycles, billionaire’s charts, the stock market, and lottery winners relates to YOU and how YOU can use astrology to create your best timing to achieve wealth and prosperity.

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