A Guide for Astrology, Gemstones and Rudraksha

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Author: V.K.Saxena

Publisher: Allied Publishers (Edition: 2009)

Language: English

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Count: 166 pages

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Foreword (b Swami Chaturbhuja Chari);
Foreword (by Prof. Daya Shankar Misra);
1. Introduction;
2. Horoscope;
3. Bhavas;
4. Zodiac;
5. Planets;
6. Lagna;
7. Nakshatras;
8. Navansa Kundli;
9. Polarities;
10. Character of the Ruling Planets;
11. Aspects;
12. Transits;
13. Moon and Mars Combinations;
14. Jupiter Cycles;
15. Sade Sati Sani;
16. Bad and Good Period;
17. Yogas;
18. Marriage Match and Marital Life;
19. Mars Problems;
20. Mahadasa;
21. Lagna and Mahadasa;
22. Astak Varg;
23. Rudraksha;
24. Gemstones;
Index of Technical Terms.

Comment: Dr. Saxena has tried to summarize his findings, and write this book, in as simple a way as possible, so that one can understand and enjoy astrology. This book should satisfy the astrological queries of interested readers and help them to examine horoscope with good expertise and read the future to considerable extent. The book also provides valuable information about the remedial part, particularly protection from bad effect of the planets as well as how to enhance the good effect to planets. The next part of the book explains the valuable significance of the Gemstones and Rudraksha. The book provides a preliminary idea about the selection of suitable Gemstones and Rudraksha to solve difficult problems. How best one can take advantage of Rudraksha and Gemstones are well described and presented in the book in a lucid way.

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