Secrets of Astrology Everybody Must Know

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Author: S.S.Gola

Publisher: Gullybaba Publishing House (Edition: 2012)

Language: English

Price: $ 10.00

Weight: 0.205 Kg

Count: 154 pages

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Comment: This book is boon to common man who wants to know how the law of karma affects us. It is the most easily understandable book on Astrology. The objective of this book is to give an interesting insight into some of the fascinating intriguing and mysterious aspect of the oldest science known to mankind. Everything explained with the help of modern science so that it will not look like a purely astrology book at the same time use of technical terms is avoided so that a non-science reader can take full advantage. A fascinating tool to help you navigate through your life’s journey, teaching you how to be in the right place at the right time and helping you live in harmony, balance and peace.

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