A Guide to Vasthu & Feng Shui

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Author: Er.K.P.Purushothaman

Publisher: Sura Books

Language: English

Price: $ 10.00  http://www.exoticindia.com/book

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Count: 96 pages

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1. History of difference between Vasthu and Feng Shui;
2. Wrong to be avoided;
3. Balcony, sit out, pratico and Kitchen;
4. Incame and Expenses and effective Earth Eligence;
5. Fasthu features of Companies;
6. Which direction is your seat in?
7. Good dimensions and list of auspicious sizes;
8. Interaction of the elements of nature;
9. Finding your Magic Numbers;
10. Which group you are in?
11. Your best direction in an interview;
12. Relevance of Five Elements to types of business;
13. Sleep and Health;
14. The Relationship of five Elements and colours associated with them;
15. East west diections for Houses;
16. Controlling and bringing underuse the Energies;
17. Auspicious Measurements;
18. Colour;
19. To Maintain cosmic breath ("Chi");
20. How to circulate the "Chi"?
21. Analysis of Twenty-year Era between 2004 and 2023;
22. New beginnings area;
23. Directions and the Sources of Income;
24. Features affect Flow of Income;
25. How to stay away from Losses and Debts;
26. South West Features for Wealth and Money;
27. acquiring wisdom and Knowledge in certain directions;
28. The Nine Celestical Cures;
29. The Significance of Ba-Gua;
30. International Dragon Door Feng Shui;
31. Appendix: I;
32. Appendix: II;
33. Appendix: III;
34. Appendix: IV;
35. Appendix: V;
36. Appendix: VI;
37. Appendix: VII;
38. Appendix: VIII;
39. Appendix: IX;
40. Appendix: X;
41. Appendix: XI;
42. Appendix: XII;
43. Appendix: XIII;
44. Appendix: XIV;
45. Appendix: XV;
46. Appendix: XVI;
47. Appendix: XVII.

Comment: Vasthu has been in existence for over 5000 years and is from the "Atharvana veda”. It is quite popular in Germany and a German firm has applied for patenting the word " Vasthu” which is currently being contested by Vasthu Association. FENG SHUI is 3000 years old Chinese art of space alignment. In Chinese Feng means wind and Shui means water. It is an art of balancing the energy flow. This science is a household name in Chinese culture and most of the walled city areas in China, Malaysia and Singapore have adapted it intelligently. Some doubt that Feng Shui may not work in India; it is not so, since with one North Pole & one South Pole for the earth, nobody can escape from the effects of magnetic lines, energy flow and the effects of elements.

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