Compendium of Astrology (Set of 2 Volumes)

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Author: Dr.Satish Chandar Agarwal

Publisher: Alpha Publications

Language: English

Price: $ 40.00

Weight: 1.31 Kg

Count: 1084 pages

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Chapter 1. Introduction;
Chapter 2. Nakshatra;
Chapter 3. Vargas;
Chapter 4. Subjects of the Houses of Zodiac;
Chapter 5. Planets and Rasis;
Chapter 6. Sun in the different Zodiac Houses;
Chapter 7. Moon in the different Zodiac Houses;
Chapter 8. Mars in different Houses;
Chapter 9. Mercury in different Houses;
Chapter 10. Jupiter in different Houses;
Chapter 11. Venus in different Houses;
Chapter 12. Saturn in different Houses;
Chapter 13. Rohu in different Houses;
Chapter 14. Ketu in different Houses;
Chapter 15. Combination of three and more Planets;
Chapter 16. Mundane Asrtology;
Chapter 17. Dashas of Planets;
Chapter 18. Procedure of Horoscope Readings;

Comment: Astrology is a human science. It is applied branch of astronomy which has the relationship between stars / celestial bodies / planets and human being. This science is based on the various forces like gravitational and magnetic as well was light and sound energies. The material and literature of astrology are scattered and readers found difficult in getting consolidate information. This book is an attempt to do the needful. This book has been written in simple and easy language based on like principles and concept of Rishi Prasara and in north Indian style. Like holly book GITA, this has been divided in to 18 Chapters on various subjects. Nakshatras, Vergas, Zodiac houses, rashis planets dashas results have been explained in very good manner. Efforts have been mode to prepare this book as a ready rackerner for practicing astrologers and students.

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