Nadi Astrology

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Author: C.S.Patel

Publisher: Sagar Publications (Edition: 2008)

Language: English

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Count: 200 pages

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1. List of Nadi Amsas;
2. Longitudes of Nadi Amsas;
3. Verification of Nadi Amsas;
4. Poorva Ardha and Uttara Ardha;
5. Nadi Literature;
6. The Standard Horoscope;
7. Nadis and Nadi Practitioners;
8. Surya and other Planets' Nadis;
9. Predictions of Nadi Amsas;
10. Yogas;
11. "Paryaya" - Cycle of Planet;
12. Result of Bhavas;
13. Predictive Tools;
14. Bhrigu Bindu;
15. Eventful Years in one's Life.

Comment: A long needed treatise on "Nadi Astrology" in English language. The Nadi Astrology is a unique system of Astrology. The books on this system contains readymade horoscopes, giving out the whole life reading, with important events in life of the native as well as his parents, wife etc. and also information about the previous and future births and other matters. Each Rasi is divided into 150 Amsas and each Amsa has a Purva (former) Bhaga and Uttara (later) Bhaga. The Purva and Uttara Bhagas of the same Amsa produce and entirely different type of life incidents. The selection of the appropriate Nadi for a person depends on such factors as (a) certain lines on one's palm, or (b) the name or, (c) an important event in life etc; and this clue to the selection is being kept a secret by the astrologer in possession of the Nadis. One may say that the Nadi Astrology is like a deep ocean. The deeper you go, the chances of getting big pearls are brigher. The author has tried his best to give due exposition to the original principles and throwing illuminating light on Nadi Astrology.

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