Rectification of Birth Time

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Author: K.Hariharan

Publisher: Krishman & Co

Language: English

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Count: 126 pages

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Comment: Horoscope is framed on the basis of exact time and date of birth. None can deny the importance of date of birth, as it is required in every walk of life. Moreover, the Horoscope is necessary for the purpose of forecasting the future events of our life as well as foretelling our natural capabilities. Horoscope consists of the record of exact date of birth as well as the exact time of birth in strict terms of hours/minutes and Lagna Kundali besides other astrological particulars. Lagna Kundali is a map of planets depicting their position in the heaven at a particular time and this position is required to be judged with a view to assess the possible effects of heavenly planets upon a person born at a particular time, in a particular place. It is not only a common belief but is an admitted fact that human beings are influenced by the heavenly bodies. These effects can be known only through Stellar Astrological Science. Of all the methods followed by astrologers for Rectification of Birth Time, like Pre-natal Epoch Method, Tatwa Siddhanta combined with divisional charts, Diurnal Horoscope Method backed by numerology, Rectification of Birth Time by Krishnamurti Paddhati is the only simple and accurate method. By using KP method alone, one can know his exact date of birth, time of birth, Rasi and even Lagna.

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