Interpreting Divisional Charts

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Author: N.N.Sharma, Editor: Deepak Bisaria & Guide: K N Rao

Publisher: Vani Publications

Language: English

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Count: 192 pages

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Some thoughts, by Deepak Bisaria, editor;
Divisional charts;
38 case studies.

Comment: This is a study of twins, as shown by divisional charts, in particular the navamsha. The purpose of divisional charts is to highlight the position of the planets as these are the power centers in the horoscope. Highlighting of a planet also pre-supposes discarding a certain useless portion of the chart. A navamsha chart actually represents only forty degree of the original zodiac of 360 degree of the birth chart. In scientific parlance, it can be said the navamsha chart is the nine times magnification and focus around the position of planets (which are the power centers) and the remaining 320 degree of unwanted load is to be discarded in interpretation of specific area.

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