A Complete Book on Triple Transit Influences of Planets

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Author: V K Choudhry & K Rajesh Chaudhary

Publisher: Sagar Publications

Language: English

Price: $ 6.90  http://shop.saptarishisastrology.com/

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Count: 195 pages

Текущее состояние: В процессе изготовления электронной версии.

About the authors;
Preface to the updated edition;
Preface to the first edition;
1. Applications of the divine science of astrology;
2. Astrological terminology & Systems Approach techniques;
3. Tips for predictive accuracy;
4. Identification of significant events;
5. Rectification of birth chart through transit;
6. Case studies;
7. The dreaded concept of "manglik";
8. The dreaded concept of Sade Sati traditional theory;
9. Corporate or business applications of astrology;
10. Planetary influences transit in relation to natal.

Comment: The divine science of Vedic Astrology is one of the most useful bodies of knowledge available to the mankind. We all know prevention is better than cure. The divine science of Vedic Astrology helps us in giving dependable indications in the fields of maintaining good health, learning, acquiring professional knowledge, choosing the professional venture and becoming useful to the family, society, country and humanity at large. The premise of Vedic Astrology is that the planetary influences in one's natal chart or horoscope take shape based on one's deeds of past lives.

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