Secrets of Birth Time Rectification

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Author: Sreenadh OG

Publisher: Sagar Publications

Language: English

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I. Introduction:
The eternal time;
The divisible time.
II. Which is the correct Birth time?
The time at which placenta breaks;
Head if Asc is Seershodaya etc;
The time at which Head, Feet or Hand comes out;
The time at which umbilical cord is cut;
The time at which the child takes the first breath;
The time of first cry of the child;
The time of conception;
The time at which the forehead is seen;
The time at which the child touches earth;
Any moment which is strongly related to native.
III. Rhythm of Day:
Ahoratra or vara;
Divisions of Ahoratra;
Kshenika Graha (Momentary influence);
Rise of Gulika at the beginning of Gulika span;
Rise of Mandi;
Gulika and Mandi;
Odd-Even divisions of Yama.
IV. Birth time Rectification Methods:
Pancha Tatva Method;
Kunda (Navamsa-Navamsa);
Multiplication Method;
Navamsa-Dwadasamsa and Birthtime;
Varga Chatushtaya method and birth time;
Gulika and birth time;
Longitude of Sun and birth time;
Khati-Vikhati at birth time and BT rectification;
Week day of birth and BT rectification;
Sookshma Lagna and BT rectification;
Nadi Astrology and BT rectification;
Pranapada and BT rectification;
Other methods;
V. Birth time Rectification Example (Case Study).
VI. Time of Intercourse and an Example for BT determination by Bhattolpala.

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