Your True Horoscope (Birth Time Rectification)

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Author: S.P.Khullar

Publisher: Sagar Publications

Language: English

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Count: 231 pages

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1. Human Being & Astrology: Modern gynecologists opinion of human birth; Human being & the view point of Vedanta; Human being & astrology;
2. Theories of Rectification of Birth Time: Tattva sidhant or nadi theory of rectification; The pre-natal epoch;
3. The Ruling Planet & Construction of Horoscopes: Ruling planet & schools of thought; Application of ruling planets & construction of horoscope; Calculation of moon's period in a day;
4. Construction of True Horoscope: Formation of ascendant; Formation of other cuspal positions; Rectification of cuspal positions to reflect genetical connections; Composite approach to the rectification of chart; 14 very detailed rectifications.

Comment: Kalamsa theory (in the book above) only works if you have a very accurate birth time, and so this book. The survey of various methods of rectification is detailed, with useful tables & analysis. The technique that Khullar settles on is an horary one: He uses the precise time he is asked to rectify a chart and finds links between that time, and the final rectified time of birth, using subs & sub-subs. His demonstrations are progressive, staring with a question of half an hour, to half a day, to day of the week, month or even year, showing how the basic technique works in various circumstances. Once the basic time has been fixed, it is further refined, either by events in the life (eg, accidents), or on the basis of the reason behind asking for the time in the first place (eg, I want to get married, but don't have my birth-time). Khullar uses Placidus cusps & true node. The fourteen fully-worked rectifications at the end comprise half the book.

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