Horary Astrology and Cuspal Interlinks

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Author: S.P.Khullar

Publisher: Sagar Publications

Language: English

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Count: 458 pages

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Introduction; Horary astrology & its philosphy;
1. Questions relating to the first house;
2. Questions relating to the second house;
3. Questions relating to the third house;
4. Questions relating to the fourth house;
5. Questions relating to the fifth house;
6. Questions relating to the sixth house;
7. Questions relating to the seventh house;
8. Questions relating to the eighth house;
9. Questions relating to the ninth house;
10. Questions relating to the tenth house;
11. Questions relating to the eleventh house;
12. Questions relating to the twelfth house;
13. Minor events & selection of lucky time;
14. Appendix A. Primary & supporting or linked cusps for questions from each of the twelve houses.

Comment: Horary Astrology and Cuspal Interlinks is a rare book on predictive astrology based on the sub-sub and cuspal interlinks theory. It is in tune with the Nadi and Navamsa concept of Nadi Astrology. Nobody has yet made any attempt to handle the subject of Horary Astrology in such a simple, lucid and scientific way. Topics pertaining to each house have been dealt to enable the reader to master the scientific way of predictive techniques. The treatment suggested in the book is definite and orderly. Timing events and use of transits have been explained in very clear, practical, illustrative and rational basis. The theory is supported by sufficient practical illustrations. Hope the efforts of the author to unearth the ancient concepts of Astrology will make the readers proud of Astrology.

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