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Author: Dr. K.S.Charak

Publisher: UMA Publications

Language: English

Price: $ 7.20  http://shop.saptarishisastrology.com/

Weight: 0.24 Kg

Count: 172 pages

Текущее состояние: В процессе приобретения и сканирования.

1. Chapter on nomenclature;
2. Chapter on houses;
3. Chapter on yogas;
4. Yogas for Visha-Kanya;
5. Determination of longevity;
6. Chapter on mutual exchanges;
7. Chapter on lineage;

Comment: The text is nearly four centuries old & consists of over 100 verses in Sanskrit (included in the text). Charak does not give the original author (if known), but does say the book is written in "a very charming meter called the Sraghara Chhanda. This particular meter is characterized by four lines to a verse, each line consisting of twenty-one letter units which follow the formula: SSS SIS SII III ISS ISS ISS" (pg. 3). From the back cover we learn the book includes a brief introduction to the 12 houses & planetary interrelationships, A detailed treatement of each house with descriptions of planetary combinations relevant to each, A chapter on yogas, with reference to the individual's physical, mental, intellectual, financial, sexual & social status, A detailed account of various medical ailments (of interest to Charak himself), Numerous yogas that determine life expectancy, The results of the exchange of house lords, A special chapter on Visha-Kanya.

Категория: English Books, Medical Astrology, Scaning

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