Sree Chakra : An Esoteric Approach

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Author: Ramamurthy N

Publisher: CBH Publications (Edition: 2013)

Language: English

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Count: 64 pages

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1. The Sree Chakra;
2. The Parts of Sree Chakra;
3. The Authority for Sree Chakra;
4. The Form(s) of Sree Chakra;
5. Geometry of the Sree Chakra;
6. How to Draw a Sree Chakra?
7. Three Dimensional Drawing;
8. Sree Chakra and Human Body;
9. Avarana Pooja or worship of Sree Chakra;
Annexure 1;
About the author.

Comment: What is Sree Chakra. Is it a mystical experience Let us Explore-What kind of mathematical concepts or constructs are to be examined. How is it constructed. What are the mathematical figures-it is made up of. Let us understand the nuances of Sree Chakra and explore / exploit the fullest benefits in getting Sree Devi’s fullest shower of blessings. Sree chakra is normally given a religious perspective. But a different approach is attempted in this book.

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