Medical Astrology (Horoscope for Stethoscope)

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Author: Dr.S.Krishna Kumar

Publisher: Impala Impressions (Edition: 2010)

Language: English

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Count: 204 pages

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Salient features;
Preface to the first edition;
Preface to the second edition;
Preface to the third edition;
Chapter 1: Introduction, definitions and yogas;
Chapter 2: Problems connected with progeny due to curses and their remedies;
Chapter 3: Moksha and Son;
Chapter 4: Impotency;
Chapter 5: Female Horoscopy and Diseases;
Chapter 6: Detailed procedure of analysing a horoscope for various diseases;
Chapter 7: Case Histories;
Chapter 8: Diagnosing diseases of kith and kin from a horoscope;
Chapter 9: Three humours and diseases;
Chapter 10: Duration of disease and stars;
Chapter 11: Analysis of diseases through drekkana;
Chapter 12: Effective Vedic remedy for Pediatric problems;
Chapter 13: Progeny from female horoscopy;
Chapter 14: Clues for good health;
Chapter 15: Technique of diagnosis of diseases;

Comment: Dr.S.Krishna Kumar is a graduate in Mechanical Engineering and an Industrialist at Bangalore. He was the President of Peenya Industries Association which is the biggest Industrial Estate in South East Asia. Apart from this he has served as General Secretary of Karnataka State Small scale Industries Association, Bangalore which is an annex body of Small Scale Industries Association in Karnataka State. He has evinced interest in the study of Astrology since 25 years. He has served the Indian Council of Astrological Science founded by late Dr.B.V. Raman as its National Vice President and ex Chairman of its Chapter in Bangalore foe more than a decade. He has passed the examinations of the above Council such as Jyotish Praveena and Jyothish Visharada and thereafter has got many awards from the Council such as Jyotish Kovida, Jyotish Vachaspathy, Jyothish Bhooshana, Jyothish Bhanu and Jyotish Briddacharya. That apart he has been conferred many awards in many National and International conference such as Jyotish Shastra Tapo Nidhi, Vidysagar, Jyotish Gnana Brahma and life time Achievement in Astrology. He has also studied the four Vedas under many teachers. He has been conferred honours such as Vedas Dharmabhimani and Vedashree by various Vedic institutions. He had presented a thesis in Medical Astrology to Medicina Alternativia of the Open Internattional University of Sri Lanka and was conferred a Doctorate. He has written two more books in Astrology such as Vedic Astrology (with roots) and Secrets of Bhavath Bhava.

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