Education and Sub Lord System

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Author: M.K.Viswanath

Publisher: Nairs Publishing House (Edition: 2015)

Language: English

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Comment: Wdyadhanam sarvadhanaal pradhaanam. In ancient times there were Gurukula set up by the torch bearers of that era and imparted education for the students by Preceptors and Savants in our great country. In those periods and eras, students were required to stay at the home of the teachers and get the education imparted. Subjects of many sciences were taught to those students in many branches such as Veda, Jyothisha, artha-shastra, warfare, martial arts, etc., etc. by qualified and experienced teachers, on which platform we stand today in this modern world. Nalanda International University is the name of a proposed university in Nalanda, Bihar, India, with its academic session is set to start. But the university is based on the ideal of the ancient center of higher learning, which was present from the Sth century AVD to 1197 AD, said to have established during the reign of a king called Sakraditya. Perhaps Nalanda University was the first great university in the reoorded history of mankind, and was one of the world's Hrst rsidential Universities in India, and it had proudly accommodated around 10,000 students. The first University in modern medieval era was probably set up circa AD 1088 in Europe in the city of Bologna, Italy, for higher learning and for awarding degree, which was called University of Bologna. As time turned and eras erased, many Universities were set up all across the globe. 28"‘ US President Thomas Woodrow Wilson was previously the President of the Princeton University in the USA from 1902 to 1910. Indian President Sarvepalle Radhakrishnan was too Vice Chancellor of Andhra University. The information and technology has grown vertically and horizontally and is beyond anyone’s stretch of imagination. Internet is a huge oceanic platform with gigantic depth used to reach out to for any information, and it is now available at the finger tips.

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