Practical Nadi Astrology

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Author: Satyamma Bharadwaj

Publisher: Saptarishis Publication (Edition: 2015)

Language: English

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Count: 197 pages

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A Note;
Different Names for Planets;
About the Author;
Part A:
1. Karma Siddhanta;
2. Web of Space and Time;
3. Graha Karakatwas;
4. Rashi Karkatwas;
5. Debilitation and Exaltation of Planets;
6. Exchange of Planets;
7. Dispositor Theory and Bandhana Yoga;
8. Destiny Makers, Destiny Modifiers and Destiny Breakers;
9. Profession;
10. Profession Engineers and Scientists;
11. What to Make of Directions;
12. Transits of Jupiter and Saturn;
13. Rahu and Ketu in Transit;
14. Marriage and Marital Harmony;
Part B:
Chapter I;
Chapter II;
Chapter III;
Chapter IV;
Chapter V;
Chapter VI;
Chapter VII;
Chapter VIII;
Chapter IX;
Chapter X;
Chapter XI;
Chapter XII;
Chapter XIII;
Chapter XIV.

Comment: In her book, Satyamma Bharadwaja, a teacher herself who understands all dimensions of learning strongly, takes the reader through all the basics that are required for reading and interpreting a chart through well laid down rules and guidelines with examples. The reader clearly understands the WHY behind so many interpretations and thus can reason it out for self while interpreting other charts. A very important part of Nadi reading is that of 'Timing of Events' through Transits. The way the rules of Transits have to be interpreted have not been formulated in most of the Nadi books available. The main highlight of this book is the 'Complete Life Case Studies of 21 Charts' given with vivid description of every event mapped based on 'Transits' in a systematic manner. This effort from the author will help in solidifying the learned concepts and their applications in the experience of the reader. The scribe here has read various books on Nadi Astrology and yet hasn't come across Systematic Lesson especially on 'Transits' and a huge collection of 'Complete Life Case Studies' in any other book. So, as the name of the book implies, all you need to do is take the 'First step of Reading' it and the book takes care of all the remaining Steps in your learning.

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