Men Who Became Stars

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Editor: K.N.Rao

Publisher: Vani Publications (Edition: 2013)

Language: English

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Woodrow Wilson - American President (1856-1924);
My Guruji - Swami Paramananda Saraswati : A Memoir (15 July 1915 to 23 June 1980);
Mahatma Gandhi - Life events chronicled astrologically (2 October 1869 to 30 January 1948);
Vladimir Putin (7 October 1952);
Abraham Lincoln - Born 12 Feb. 1809, Died 15 Apr. 1865 The 16th President of the United States of America From 4 Mar. 1861 to 15 Apr. 1865;
Mahatma Martin Luther King Junior (MLK);
Tony Blair;
R.K.Dalmia - the Visionary Industrialist (1893-1978);
Harivansh Rai Bachchan famous Hindi poet and father of actor, Amitabh Bachchan (27 Nov 1907);
K.L.Saigal - (Legendary Actor-Singer) (4 April 1904 to 18 Jan 1947);
N.T.Rama Rao - (Ex-Chief Minister, Andhra Pradesh) (1923-1996);
Gulzari Lai Nanda (4th July 1898 - 15th January 1998);
Jeffrey Dahmer;
King George VI;
Astrological Profile of an Astrologer - B.V. Raman;
Sheikh Mujibur Rahman (17/03/1920 to 15th August 1975);
N.D.Tiwari - former Chief Minister, U.P. (18 October-1925 ...);
Om Prakash Chautala - former Chief Minister, Haryana Dasha changes or chiddra dasha;
Notable Astrological Points;
Books by Vani Publications.

Comment: Here is a collection of astro-portraits of men who rose to stars either because they rose to power in politics, or became distinguished as cine stars, poets or even became widely well known because of some crime. The legacy of some of them will be debated for decades and some of them vanish from blurred pages of history into a total limbo. The newspapers and television channels give intense publicity to criminals, politicians and men and women in the glamour world of bollywood. In our age even criminal like Jeffrey Dahmer due to media coverage. notoriety which raised him to a "Celebrity" Status. Men who rise become stars are those famous pepole in politics even if politics is the last refuge of the scoundrel. Men with celeberity status can be cine stars. poets and even men in business activities. What is it in their horoscopes and what dashas and yogas helped them become famous or notorious is an interesting and absorbing study. Each writer of the astro portraits presented here uses his astrological technique and biographical material to present in his own way what is there in the horoscopes of the persons discussed which helped them rise to stars.

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