Ancient Vaastu Shastra (Nine Planets in Human Houses)

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Author: R.G.Rao

Publisher: R.G.Rao Publications (Edition: 2003)

Language: English

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Count: 44 pages

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1. Nine planets in Human Houses;
2. Causative Planets at Various Portion of House;
3. First Floor Construction;
4. Building Materials;
5. Vaastu and Physiology;
6. Digestive System;
7. Principles of Vaastu, Effects and De-effects and Corrective Measures;
8. Vaastu Screening Lord Figure No. 1;
9. Figure No. 2;
10. Figure No. 3;
11. Figure No. 4 Planets in Vaastu;
12. No. A-No Male issues;
13. No. B-No Male issues;
14. No. D Previous Position;
15. No. C-Present Position.

Comment: Nothing is new under the Sun . There is a belief among a few that Vaastu and Astrology are different sub¬jects, but they are not. They are like the two embodying concept of ‘Air’ and ‘Moisture’. Man, the engineer, con¬structs millions of houses but he himself belongs to the Tradition of Vaastu and Astrology, as the Vaastu principles are embodied in his body. God created the wonderful physiology of man and that this in contrary with Vaastu. The principles of Vaastu is the causitivity of planets go to-gether, because God has created the universe under the governing concept of KaalaPurusha and astrologically it has 8 major divisions towards directional aspects that ex¬plains the causitivity of planets on each house through Vaastu.

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