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A New Method on Birth Time Rectification (Astrology of Sadhu Paddathi)

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Author: Shri R.K.Das

Publisher: Saptarishis Publications (Edition: 2015)

Language: English

Price: $ 15.00  http://shop.saptarishisastrology.com/

Weight: 0.5 Kg

Count: 136 pages

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Chapter 1. Sunrise & Sunset;
Chapter 2. The Moon;
Chapter 3. Time;
Chapter 4. Ayanamsa;
Chapter 5. Navamsa Signs;
Chapter 6. Navamsa - Dwadasamsa;
Chapter 7. Ascendants & Descendants;
Chapter 8. Gulika;
Chapter 9. Yamakantaka;
Chapter 10. Tattvas;
Chapter 11. Importance Of Tattvas;
Chapter 12. Pre -natal Epoch (for deciding on year of birth);
Chapter 13. Pranapada;
Chapter 14. Importance of Sun's Nakshatra;
Chapter 15. Some Practical Cases;
Chapter 16. Rules Retold;
(a) Local Mean Time of Sunrise;
(b) Local mean Time of Sunset;
(c) Ascendant Points;
(d) Sidereal Time;
(e) Nirayan Ascendants;
(f) Palas, Week-Day, & Star Groups.

Comment: The exact moment of birth is essential for casting a correct birth chart. But in most cases the precise time of birth will not have been recorded near about the moment of birth. It is natural that considerable time will have elapsed between time of birth and the moment of recording it. And there may be instances of recording incorrect time of birth for this. A birth chart cast on the basis of incorrect birth time cannot be taken as a correct birth chart. Prognostication made on the basis of incorrect chart is bound to be incorrect. Every birth has intimate connection with the Sun and Moon; and there is an astrological moment for it. If the time recording machine is activated in such a way as to recognize the astrological moment it can record that moment. A chart cast on the basis of astrological moment of birth will certainly help prognosticate an event and the precise time of its happening. But no two watches at the same time show precisely same time and it's everyone's experience. And it is precisely this, that astrological moment of birth remains wrongly recorded in many cases. If the birth chart is correctly cast prognostication of an event can be correctly made. The correctness of the chart can be tested though the prognosticated time of the happening of good and happy event, such as marriage, service, progeny, financial success etc. In this matter, method of Dasha system may help. But there are many Dasha systems and picking up a particular one suited for the purpose and working out the time of the event from it is a very difficult task. However, in the matter of finding an exact time of happening of good event SADHU-PADDHATI may be of help. This Paddhati is an astro-mathematical process. The working of the process is shown here. Birth charts of two natives, one male and one female, are given along with specific purpose charts, (marriage) prepared on the basic of the birth charts, cast on correct birth times.

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