Kaal Chakra Dasha

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Author: U.K.Jha

Publisher: Alpha Publication (Edition: 2015)

Language: English

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Count: 352 pages

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1. Preamble;
2. Kaal-Chakra in Swappable Zodiac;
3. Division of Nakshatras;
4. KCD Navamsha;
5. The Dasha Package;
6. Deha and Jeeva Signs;
7. Parmayu in KCD;
8. Anatomy of Given Dasha Pattern;
9. Reasons for Lack of Popularity;
10. Different Types of Motions in KCD;
11. Genesis of Prevalent Dasha Package;
12. Deeper Look into Prevalent Dasha Package;
13. Rationale for Formation of Dasha Package;
14. Commencement of Dasha & Balance Period;
15. Correct Procedure of Computation;
16. Cycle of Maha Dasha in KCD;
17. Correct Cycle of Dasha;
18. Sequence of Signs in Bhukti - Confabulations;
19. Sequence of Signs in Bhukti - Reasoned;
20. Computation of Bhukti;
21. How To Compute Kaal Chakra Dasha;
22. Rules for Prediction of Results in KCD;
23. The Issue of Chara Karaka;
24. Marriage, Divorce, Widowhood, Love, Sex & Other Things;
25. Progeny;
26. Wealth and Property;
27. Disease and Death;
28. Accidents and Other Mishaps;
29. Education, Career & Promotion.

Comment: This Dasha has been dealt in detail by many scholars exhaustively in their commentary on the appertained Sanskrit Texts (BPHS, PD, JP, JDM). There are also few books in the market exclusively devoted to this topic. But no commentator or author has brought out the finer nuance of this Dasha in a manner akin to what U.K. Jha has boldly done in this book. For the first time imports of terms like Deha, Jeeva, Parmayu, different types of Gati (motion) their employed perception in Dasha calculation and the implications of Dasha Package etc. in connotation with qarter of any Nakshatra vis-a-vis commensurate Navamsha signs have been thoroughly dissertated here. Not only the flaws subsisting in the current Dasha package has been uncovered logically but the procedure for drawing the Dasha Package for different quarters of Nakshatra through corresponding Navamsha has also been enlightened with great conviction. First time it has been emphatically elucidated that all other Dasha packages have been derived from the four sets of Ashwinadi group of Nakshatra through various twists, turns curls and twirls in orientation of original Navamsha signs. No mechanical model can exhibit the change in orientation in multidimensional plane. The visible flaw is owing to noncompliance of Navamsha principles in line with Deha and Jeeva and if it is corrected for Ashwinadi group of Nakshatra other Dasha packages for different groups of Savya & Apasavya category of Nakshatra would automatically get corrected. This is unique and has made the subject not only very interesting but also immensely intelligible for the readers.

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