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Interpreting Planetary Influences (Systems' Approach for Interpreting Horoscopes: House-wise Analysis)

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Author: V.K.Choudhry and Krishan Rajesh Chaudhary

Publisher: Sagar Publications (Edition: 2015)

Language: English

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Count: 277 pages

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About the Authors;
1. Introduction to Astrology;
2. Major Constituents of Astrology;
* Signs;
* Houses;
* Planets;
* Planetary Periods;
* Reasons for Problems in Life;
* How to Identify Planetary Influences in a Horoscope;
3.Significations of Houses;
* Fructifications of Significations;
* Extent of Houses;
* Nomenclature of Houses;
* Significator Planets and Houses for Various Aspects of Life;
4.Systems' Approach Predictive Techniques;
* The key issues in the horoscope analysis;
* Functional Nature of Planets;
* Afflicted Planets or Houses;
* Afflicting Planets;
* Combust Planets;
* Debilitation;
* The Most Effective Point of a House;
* The Most Malefic Influence;
* Most Malefic Planet;
* The Most Benefic Influence;
* Effective Orb for judging the Influence of Natal/Transit Conjunctions/Aspects;
* Measuring Strength of the Houses;
* Dispositor;
* Strong Planets;
* Weak Planets;
* Calculation of Strength of Planets;
* Strength of Planets;
* Strength of Houses;
* Sun-like Planets;
* Significators;
* Rahu-like Planets;
* Results of Exchange of Houses or Asterisms;
* Triple Transit Triggering Influence;
* Relative Importance of Planetary Influences;
* Exalted Functional Malefic Planets;
* Role of Planets;
* Analyzing Results of Sub-Period Planetary Lords;
* Impact of Transits;
* Interaction between the Sub-Periods and Planetary Transits;
* Reliability of Treating a House as an Ascendant for a Signified Relationship;
* Measuring the Capacity of Planets;
* Bright Rays;
* Measuring the Strength of Planets in Infancy/Old Age;
* Divisional Charts;
* Chalit Chakra;
* Evolution of the Soul;
* Measuring Afflictions;
* Impact of Transit Exalted Rah & Ketu;
* Impact of Debilitated Planets;
* Impact of Combust Planets;
* Impact of Retrograde Planets in Astrology;
* Impact of Planetary Combinations (Yoga);
* Impact of Exalted Functional Malefic Planets;
* How to Proceed with Analysis for Identifying the Problem areas;
* Insights;
* Decade per degree rule;
* How to analyze the birth charts of twins;
* Metals ruled by Planets;
* Planetary castes and nature;
* Eclipses;
* Identifying Results of Placements of planets;
* How to Draw a Horoscope;
* Caution;
5. Fundamentals for studying a Horoscope (Step-wise);
6. Delineating results of Debilitated Planets;
7. Delineating Personality;
8. Delineating Accumulated Wealth and Family;
9. Delineating Initiative, Courage and Younger Brothers;
10. Delineating Educational Accomplishments;
11. Delineating Assets in Life;
12. Delineating Progency and Learning;
13. Delineating Health and Litigation;
14. Delineating Marital Significations;
15. Delieating Longevity;
16. Delineating General Fortune;
17. Delineating Foreign Travel;
18. Delineating Profession and Status;
19. Delineating Income, Prosperity and Elder Brothers;
20. Delineating Losses, Expenses, Residences Abroad & Comforts of Bed;
21. Remedial Measures;
22. Simple & Traditional Remedial Measures;
23. Initiation of Remedial Measures;
24. Pearls of Wisdom;
25. Difference Between SA and Classical Astrology;
26. Other books by Mr. V K Choudhry & Mr. K Rajesh Chaudhary.

Comment: The essence of astrology is predictions, preventing mishaps and changing the unfavorable planetary influences. The art of predictions enables an astrologer to look into the future with confidence and the suggestion of astral remedies helps in preventing mishaps. Existence of confusions and contradictions, a lack of a systematic approach for interpreting horoscopes and the repeated requests from the students of the divine science of Vedic Astrology impelled the author to go deeper into case studies and present the findings to all lovers of Astrology. The findings with the initial Systems’ Approach predictive techniques were published in the form of a book, "Systems” Approach for Interpretation of Horoscopes” in October, 1991. In the first edition, the analysis of case studies had been based primarily on the functional nature of the planets. In the second edition other features like the applicability of conjunctions and aspects, along with the transit and multi-dimensional roles of planets were included. The third edition included the advanced predictive techniques and FAQs. The fourth edition included updated predictive techniques and multi-dimensional significators involved in interpreting the planetary influences for various facets of life. This book was followed by four more books: "Self Learning Course in Astrology”; "Impact of Ascending Zodiac Signs”; "How to Analyze Married Life”; and "How to Identify Significant Events” (revised as "A complete Book on Triple Transit Influences”). In 1994 my son, Krishan Rajesh, started learning astrology and helping me in my exploratory work. The Systems’ Approach was further enriched and another four new books were published in the year 1997, based on the synthesis of valid principles enunciated in the classical texts, the commentaries as well as the empirical studies undertaken by us. The objective of the books was to equip the students of the divine science of Vedic Astrology with tools that would: 1. Clearly delineate the results of planetary influences in a horoscope. 2. Identify the intent of the inquirer from the horoscope without its being disclosed. 3. Increase the probability of accurate predictions. 4. Apply the principles on a uniform basis. 5. Suggest effective astral remedies. These objectives may appear to be very tedious and time consuming. However, the Systems’ Approach predictive techniques help astrologers to delineate the planetary positions to their satisfaction and to realize the objective of helping mankind through the analysis of planetary influences in the natal chart in an easy manner. The Perfection in astrological analysis comes with experience, but with the application of the Systems’ Approach one achieves such success much faster. Happiness and sorrows are the results of planetary influences in our birth charts which are based on our deeds (Karma) of past lives and not on the will of the God. The strong planets in the birth chart bless us with success in the matters of health, education, profession, happiness in relationships and spiritual progress. The weak planets cause setbacks, delays, denials, instability, depression and make us vulnerable to problems/challenges due to natal or transit afflictions. So, karma results arise through the principles of divine justice based on our karma of past lives. Astral remedies are the means for alleviating these karma results. People have the freewill to do good karma for spiritual progress. For understanding concepts and how to apply them, the first and foremost requirement is concentration. Concentration can only be achieved when a person is mentally at peace. This said state of mind helps the creative faculties of an individual to develop, which is god gifted. However, efforts can be made to achieve the same by following the teachings of our ancient rishis (spiritual and learned persons). Those who have no lust, anger, arrogance or pride; are without greed, excitement, attachment; and are free from fraud, hypocrisy and deceit can attain mental peace and spiritually which are necessary for leaning and mastering the divine science of Vedic Astrology. The other necessary attributes are developing a feelings of contentment; the practices of kindness, generosity; and not to hanker after materialistic pursuits. The divine science of Vedic Astrology propounds and believes that the action/deeds of human beings known as ‘Karma’ are guided by planetary influences. Free will operates in the form of the strength of the significators of spiritually, which include the ninth house, fourth house and the planets, Sun and Jupiter. Free will is also exercised by the person on the basis of influences on the fifth and third houses and their lords. To establish comprehensive of the Systems’ Approach the matter has been taken up in an extensive manner through various case studies; the prominent delineations taken up are only illustrative. The books bring up some unique deviations from the traditional approach, which will show their relevance when applied to the real life case studies by learned readers. These studies will surely help the learned readers in achieving the objectives set forth by the books. The book has a separate chapter devoted to the methodology of election of auspicious time for initiation of strengthening astrological remedial measures for deriving the full benefits from both the knowledge of astrological interpretive skills and the remedial measures. Some fundamental changes have been suggested in the books based on solid reasoning. The aim is to achieve predictive accuracy and for this, the Systems’ Approach is dependable. Moreover, fundamental changes have also been suggested to simplify analyses. This approach is universally applicable to all horoscopes with one single technique of analysis. This technique enables one to identify the area of a problem, the positive traits, the strengths and weakness of various planetary configurations right at birth without any explanation given by the person seeking astrological consultation. Our confidence about the SA astrological knowledge proved to be right when thousands of people followed the SA predictive techniques contained in this book for removal of confusions. Thousands have learned and become astrologers helping thousands of others with astrological advice. It has been a very satisfying and fulfilling journey for us. The extent confusion in the classical astrology was so much that even classical astrology teachers were not able to see in the charts of their would be sons-in-law as to whether or not they would have good longevity or be vulnerable to a critical illness. The son-in-law of a classical astrology teacher died of cancer within about two years after marriage. The Systems’ Approach astrology has been able to remove such confusions and get better insights from the birth charts so that people seeking astrological advice have benefied. Over the years, the SA astral remedial suggestions have also been educating practicing astrologers; they are able to use the remedies and read their own horoscopes with greater confidence and clarity. Birth particulars in the books have been withheld in some case studies out of respect for the privacy of the natives, even though the inclusion of such charts has been considered necessary.

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